Pop-Up Messages Associated with Media Outside Library

The MediaAgent displays several messages when a job does not find the required media within the library. Such messages include the following:

  • Event Messages in the Event Viewer.
  • Pop-up messages in the MediaAgent Computer.
  • In some cases, Pop-up messages in the CommCell Console. (The cases are indicated later in this section, as a table.)

These messages are displayed for a short period, every time the job is automatically re-tried until you import the requested media.

All media operations associated with a stand-alone drive, including scheduled operations, display a pop-up message in all the CommCell Consoles and the MediaAgent computer, if the requested media is not mounted in the drive or if the drive is empty.

In addition, for stand-alone drives, the jobs may or may not display some of these prompts for required media. This depends on the options selected in the Media tab of the Library Properties dialog box.

The following table provides a list of jobs and the associated operations when a requested media is not found within the library:


Pop-Up Messages

Resource Reservation (Drive and Media)*

MediaAgent Computer

CommCell Console (on any computer)

Data Protection Operations NO NO NO
Data Recovery Operations YES YES - The CommCell Console from which the operation is initiated.** NO
Index Restore -Browse YES YES - The CommCell Console from which the operation is initiated.** NO
Index Restore -Data Protection Operations NO NO NO
Auxiliary Copy
Source NO NO NO
Destination NO NO NO
Synthetic Full
Source NO NO NO
Destination NO NO NO
Scheduled Jobs YES NO Depends on the type of job that is scheduled.

* - Resource reservation implies that the reserved resource, i.e., drive and media, will not be available for other CommCell operations with an equal or lesser priority, until the operation which reserved the resource completes or is killed by the user.

** - On a MediaAgent computer, if you have a CommCell Console open, you may see both the MediaAgent’s message as well as the message in the CommCell Console.