Network Bandwidth Throttling - Overview

Network traffic for clients and MediaAgents can be throttled based on the network bandwidth available in your environment. This is useful for regulating network traffic to minimize congestion.

By default, network throttling is disabled. You can enable throttling and set rules for individual clients, client groups, and MediaAgents. Once configured, the throttling options are applied to all data transfer and control message operations, such as backup (including laptop backups), copy (including DASH copy), and restore.

The throttling values you set regulate the rate at which data is sent and received, at times that you define in a schedule.

You can also set up relative bandwidth throttling to ensure acceptable performance when the client machine connects where there is limited bandwidth. Relative bandwidth throttling is explained in Turning on Bandwidth Throttling.

Multiple rules can be created for a client or client group. If mutliple rules are defined, and their schedules and clients overlap, the lowest value is used.