Network Bandwidth Throttling - Getting Started

Follow the procedure on this page to set up throttling for clients or client groups.

Turning on Bandwidth Throttling

Use these steps to turn on network bandwidth throttling:

  1. In the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computer Groups or Client Computers.
  2. Locate the group or client to configure. Right-click its name, then click Properties.
  3. If configuring a client, click Advanced.
  4. Click the Network Throttle tab, then select Enable Network Throttling.
  5. The All clients share allocated bandwidth option is selected by default. This setting shares the throttling settings among all selected clients cumulatively.
  6. If you clear this option, each client throttles at the configured rate instead of a combined-and-shared rate.

  7. In the Remote Clients or Client Group area, expand Client Computer Groups and/or Client Computers, then select one or more groups or computers. Important: The remote clients you select here are those that traffic will be throttled to and from, when communicating with the group or computer that you are configuring.
  8. Click Add to create a schedule-based throttling rule for the group or computer.
  9. In Days of week, select one or more days.
  10. In Time Interval, leave Whole Day selected, or clear it and set a Start Time and an End Time.
  11. For Throttling Rate, select one of these:
    • Use Absolute Throttling
    • Throttle Relative to Bandwidth
    1. If you selected Use Absolute Throttling, select Throttle Send (Kbps) and/or Throttle Receive (Kbps) rates, and enter appropriate values for each. This option throttles at the specified rate irrespective of the available bandwidth.

    2. If you selected Throttle Relative to Bandwidth, enter send and/or receive rates and throttling parameters to control bandwidth as follows.

      This feature works by entering a threshold and throttling percentage. While sending or receiving, the client monitors the rate at which it can send or receive data. As long as the threshold you enter is below the actual rate, the client sends or receives as fast as the network allows. If the actual transmission rate falls below the threshold you set, however, the client backs off, sending or receiving data at only the throttling percentage you have set. For example, if your threshold is 500Kb/sec, and your percentage is 40%, transmission is throttled back to 200Kb/sec.

      The client imposes this constraint for a fixed period, then attempts to operate at full speed again. If it finds that conditions have improved (that is, that it can now send or receive data at a rate greater than the threshold you set), it stops throttling. If it still cannot send send or receive above the threshold rate, it continues to operate at the throttled percentage for another period, and so on, until the job completes.

      • Select If send bandwidth is less than (Kbps) to enter a sending rate threshold, and a percentage rate to throttle the sending rate to if that threshold is crossed.
      • Select If receive bandwidth is less than (Kbps) to enter a receiving rate threshold, and a percentage rate to throttle the receiving rate to if that threshold is crossed.
    3. Click OK.
  12. The new throttling rule appears in the Throttling Schedule area. Click OK repeatedly until all dialogs have closed.
  13. Push the firewall configuration to the client as described in the next section.

Pushing the Firewall Configuration

After enabling throttling and/or adding rules, you must "push" the new firewall configuration to the affected client computers.

  1. In the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers or Client Computer Groups, then right-click the computer or group name where affected clients are located, then right-click the client name.
  2. Point to All Tasks, then click Push Firewall Configuration.
  3. Click Continue to acknowlege the warning and complete the operation. Click OK to close the success confirmation message.