Operation Window Overview

By default, all operations in the CommCell will run for 24 hours without restriction. However, it may be necessary to prevent operations from running during certain time periods of the day. To accomplish this, you can define operation window rules which disable certain operations from running during the time period you specify. This ensures that unexpected, time consuming operations do not disrupt the availability of network bandwidth, data, or storage resources when they are most needed.

When operation window rules are configured, operations that are started within the time window specified will go to a queued (as opposed to pending) state.  Once the time window specified in the operation window rule has elapsed, these queued operations resume automatically.

Operation window rules can be defined using the Operation Window at the following levels in the CommCell Browser:

  • CommServe
  • Client Computer Group
  • Client
  • Agent
  • Backup Set
  • Subclient

Note: If the time zone of a client differs from the time zone of the CommServe, then the time zone of the client is honored. However, if the operation window rule is set at the CommServe level, the time zone of the client is not honored.