PnP (Plug and Play) Disk Libraries - Troubleshooting

PnP disk library does not appear in the CommCell Console

Check the following if you have plugged-in the PnP disk and do not automatically see the device displayed in the CommCell console:

  • Examine the Check for media change in drive every n minutes option in Library Properties - Drive tab to see how often the MediaAgent checks the drive for media changes in the drive.
  • If the disk contains data and you want to use the disk, make sure that the Only use PnP disk when it is blank option is not enabled on the Library Properties - Media Usage tab. See Enable Option to Use Blank PnP Disks Only for instructions.
  • Verify the total capacity of the media and make sure that the disk size is greater than the value defined in Use disk only when the size is greater than (n) MB option. If necessary, modify the value to a smaller capacity so that the PnP disk is detected in the drive. See Enable Option to Use PnP Disks with a Specific Size for instructions.

PnP disk appears as Unidentified Media in the CommCell Console

Blank disks appear as unidentified Media until a On Media Label (OML) is written on the media. If auto-stamping options are enabled, the system writes an OML as soon as the media is detected. If auto-stamping options are not enabled the system writes an OML when a data protection job is initiated. You can also stamp the media manually and create an OML so that media is identified.

See Media Labeling in Stand-Alone Drives for more information.