Recall Media - Overview

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The Recall Media feature provides the facility to temporarily bring media back from an export location for a specific operation and return the media to the export location when the operation is complete. This capability is useful if you have exported media to another location with the intention of keeping the media at the export location for an established period of time, but need to bring the media back from the export location for a specific purpose (such as a data recovery operation) prior to the original return date.

When a media is recalled, a new pending action is automatically created in the Vault Tracker | Actions node in the CommCell Console, which you can track or modify as you would any other pending action.

Once the recall action has been initiated, the media is returned to the library of your choice where it will remain either indefinitely or for a specific period of time, depending on the option you selected.

How to Recall Media

For step-by-step instructions on recalling media, see the following:

Alerts Configuration

Alerts allow you to send notifications related to recall media operations. Alerts can be configured by creating a Library Management alert and selecting Media Recalled as the notification criteria. For a detailed explanation of Alerts, see Alerts and Notifications.

See Generating Alerts for step-by-step instructions on creating alerts.

Points to Remember When Recalling Media

  • If you choose the Infinite option for the Expiration Date, the media will remain in the Recall state until you manually right-click the action and select Recall Done. The media will then be marked Available for Export.
  • If you choose a specific date and time for the Expiration Date, ensure that the media will no longer be needed by the date specified as the media will be marked Available for Export on the expiration date.
  • By default, the MediaAgent retains the container and export location associated with the Media. These associations are viewable from the Media Properties - General tab. If necessary, you can enable a global option in the library from the Library Properties -Media tab, to automatically remove these associations when the media is brought back in to the library.

License Requirements

This feature requires a Vault Tracker license.

For information about license requirements, see License Requirements - MediaAgent and Licenses Consumed by Features.