Build Your Own Reports

Build reports with our built-in database Views, with your own queries, or with a combination of database Views and queries.

You can use the Create Reports feature to:

  • Create custom reports from data in any SnapProtect databases, such as CommServ database
  • Create custom reports from data in your organization's databases, such as SQL, MySQL, and Oracle
  • Include data from multiple databases in the same report
  • Create different chart types including horizontal, vertical, bar, and pie
  • Create a table and a chart with two separate queries to include more detailed information
  • Preview reports and change the selected options before saving
  • Add reports to your Dashboard
  • Share your custom reports with other users
  • Export to PDF, MHTML, CSV, and print

We recommend that only users with database experience try to build reports. If you need help building reports, contact your Account Representative. Some default reports are included with this feature. Building a report consists of the following steps:

  1. Build the report.
  2. Preview and save the report.

Optionally, you can then share the report with other users.