Report Selection - Event Report (General)

Use this dialog box to select the filter criteria for the events to be included in the Event Report. The individual filter criteria are listed and explained below.

Job ID
Allows you to generate a report that includes events from all jobs or from a specific job.
Includes events from all jobs in the report.
Job ID 
Includes events from the job with the specified job ID only in the report.
Group By
Allows you to group by Event ID or Job ID.
Include Event Details
Includes detailed event descriptions in the report.
Severity Levels
Select the severity levels for the events you want to include in the report.
Information info.png
Indicates a normal, expected event.
Minor minor.png
Indicates an abnormal or unexpected event that does not affect running processes.
Major major.png
Indicates a major error affecting a single CommServe, MediaAgent, client, or application.
Critical critical.png
Indicates critical system conditions affecting the CommServe, MediaAgents, clients, or agents.

Save As

Click to save the selected options as a report template or as a script file.

When you save the operation as a script, each option in the dialog will have a corresponding xml parameter in the script file. When executing the script, you can modify the value for any of these XML parameters as needed.