Report Selection - License Summary (General)

Use this dialog box to select the license details (such as license capacity and usage) that you want to see in the License Summary Report.

Include Capacity Details

Select this option to include the current status of the capacity-based licenses, which are measured by the amount of backed up data. Some of the capacity details provided are:

  • Total amount of data that each capacity license allows you to back up
  • The amount of data you backed up for each agent
  • The amount of backed up data per job for each client

The capacity details are displayed in the Capacity Usage table.

  • Include Imported Jobs (EDC and other cells)

    Select this option to include jobs that were imported with the External Data Connector tool or jobs that ran on other related CommCells.

Include Usage Detail For

Select one or more of the options provided in this section to include the CAL license usage details for virtual machines, archived mailboxes, and content indexed objects. For example, you can see the details for each archived mailbox including the client and subclient where it is located. Selecting this option generates a large amount of report data.

The license usage details are displayed at the bottom of the Usage Tracking Summary table.

  • Archived Mailbox

    Includes the subclients that are configured with Exchange and Lotus Notes mailboxes. The subclients are listed under the Archived Mailboxes section.

  • Content Indexing

    Includes the Search Engines configured in the CommCell along with the number of content indexed objects. The search engines are listed under the Content Indexed Objects section.

  • VM

    Includes the virtual machines configured in the CommCell along with the date and size of the last backup. The virtual machines are listed under the Protected Virtual Machines section.

Include Agent License Details

Select this option to list all the licenses (traditional, capacity, and CAL) that are used in the CommCell along with general usage details such as:

  • The clients and agents using the license
  • The date when the license was consumed (displayed as the install date)
  • The date of expiration
  • The total number of permanent licenses for each license type as well as the number of permanent licenses used

All the license details are displayed in the License Usage table.

Include Evaluation License Count

Select this option to include the number of evaluation licenses to the License Usage table in the report. This information is displayed in the Evaluation Available and Evaluation Used columns.

Save As

Click to save the selected options as a report template or as a script file.

When you save the operation as a script, each option in the dialog will have a corresponding xml parameter in the script file. When executing the script, you can modify the value for any of these XML parameters as needed.