Reports - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Why doesn't the App Size in the Chargeback Report match all other reports?

The Chargeback Report includes pruned data in its App Size calculation. All other reports do not include pruned data.

Why don't the numbers match in the Chargeback and License Summary Reports?

Activity-disabled subclients are included in the calculation for the Chargeback Report, while activity-disabled subclients are excluded from the calculation for the License Summary Report. Also, the Capacity License calculation used in the License Summary Report counts the latest full backup jobs per subclient, while the Chargeback Report includes the largest full backup jobs.

Why don't the numbers match in the Capacity Growth and License Summary Reports?

The Capacity Growth Report displays the highest full backup size, while the License Summary Report displays the last successful full backup size.

How can I create the CommCell Computers Not Reachable Alert?

You can create an alert to send an email with a list of CommCell computers that do not report for more than a certain number of hours.

  1. Log into Web Console or the Cloud Services website, and then click Reports.
  2. At the top of the Worldwide Dashboard, click CommCells.
  3. Click the Configure an Alert button.

    The Configure Alert - Reports dialog box appears.

  4. Under Send notification email when, select Hours Since Last Update.
  5. Next to value, select More Than, and then in the box, type a number of hours.
  6. In the Alert Name box, type a name for the alert.

    For example, type CommCells Not Reachable.

  7. In the To the email id(s) box, type the email address where the notification should be sent.
  8. Click Save.

You will receive an email when one or more CommCell computers do not send data to the Reporting Server within the time period you specified.