Strike Count Report - Overview

About This Report

The Strike Count Report lists all clients and subclients with at least one strike in your CommCell environment. The latest failed or killed backup job on each client or subclient counts as a strike. A successful backup job resets the strike count to zero. This report can help you to identify the clients and subclients that consistently fail backups.

Backup jobs that are Completed with Errors on some Database agents also count as strikes. However, backup jobs that are Completed with Warnings and backup jobs that are Completed with Errors on File System agents do not count as strikes.

The following settings appear in the report:

  • One yellow dot: one strike, or one failed backup.
  • Two orange dots: two strikes, or two failed backups.
  • Three red dots: three strikes, or three failed backups.


This report is available with Private Metrics Reporting and Cloud Metrics Reporting. View this report in Web Console on the Private Metrics Reporting Server, or on the Cloud Services site for Cloud Metrics Reporting.