Auxiliary Copy Job Summary Report - Additional Views and Settings

Table of Contents

Job Description

When you configure the Jobs with Description option, only jobs that contain the specified description appear in the report. The Job Description section displays the description that the initiating user entered for the job.


To display only jobs that contain a particular description, on the General tab, select Jobs with Description, and then enter a description in the box.

Associated Events

When you select the Associated Events option, any events that are logged as a result of the auxiliary copy job appear in a list under each job.


To display the events that are associated with each auxiliary copy job, on the Selection tab, click Associated Events.

Job Options

When you select Job Options, all of the settings that are configured for a job are listed under the job ID.


To display the settings for each job, on the Selection tab, click Job Options.

Initiating User

When you select the Initiating User option, the user who scheduled or started the job is listed in the Initiating User column.


To display the name of the user who started the job, on the Selection tab, click Initiating User.