Readiness Check - Overview

Readiness indicates the state of connectivity for a client and/or MediaAgent. Clients and/or MediaAgents in "Ready" status are connected to the CommCell and available for jobs. You can check the readiness of a particular client or MediaAgent by running a readiness check, on-demand in the CommCell Console. This is useful if you want to know whether a client is connected to the network. You can run the readiness check on any client installed with the base package.

Connectivity Checks

The following network communication checks are performed:

  • Client to CommServe
  • CommServe to Client
  • Client to MediaAgent
  • MediaAgent to Client

The following resource checks are performed:

  • MediaAgent status, whether online or offline
  • Library, mount path status, whether online or offline
  • Library Controller status, whether online or offline
  • Drive pool, Master pool, Standalone media status
  • Mount path space check, or watermark space check
  • Backup space size check
  • NDMP filer resource check for NAS Subclients