eDiscovery Exception Report - Getting Started

Enable Access to the eDiscovery Exception Report

To allow users to view the eDiscovery Exception Report, create a new user group with Compliance Search and Report Management capabilities. Only the content indexed data located on clients that are owned by the user or associated with this user group are included in the eDiscovery Exception Report.

Create a New User Group:

  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Security.

    Right-click the CommCell User Groups, and then select New User Group.

  2. Type the user group name in the Name box.

    Type a description of the user group in the Description box.

  3. Click the Capabilities tab.

    From the Available Capabilities list box, select Compliance Search and Report Management.

    Click the > button to move the selected capabilities to the Assigned Capabilities list box.

  4. Click the Users tab.

    From the Available Users list box, select the users who should have access to the eDiscovery Exception Report.

    Click the > button to move the selected users to the Member Users list box.

  5. Click the Associated Entities tab.

    Expand the Client Computers node.

    Select the clients that you want to associate with this user group.

    In addition to the content indexing information for associated clients, users will also be able to the view content indexing information for clients that they own.

    Click OK.

This user group is now able to log in to the Web Console and access the eDiscovery Exception Report.

Access the Report via Web Console

To access the eDiscovery Exception Report from the Web Console:

  1. Log on to Web Console.
  2. Click Reports.

    The Worldwide Dashboard appears.

  3. At the top of the page, click Worldwide Reports.

  5. Click eDiscovery Exception Report.

    A list of your search engines appears.

  6. Click the search engine you want to view.

    The eDiscovery Exception Report default view appears for the selected search engine.

Continue to the Common Uses section to learn how to analyze content extraction errors with this report.