Utility drivedumptool is designed to be called directly from SnapProtect services when a drivedump is available. Drivedump is generated by certain types of drives such as IBM ULTRIUM (types 1, 2 and 3) when certain errors occur.

Although designed to be called from SnapProtect, this tool may be invoked directly to obtain a drive dump even when a drive dump is not present. In this case, the drive is forced to generate a drive dump. Follows these steps:

  1. Copy drivedumptool to the Unix MediaAgent system's Base folder.
  2. Make sure that the MediaAgent system contains the dependent updates that are required to support this tool.


drivedumptool mandates the following options:

  • -a accesspath

    Where accesspath is of the form (e.g., drive connected adapter fscsi0, target 68835 and lun 1 can be addressed as scsidev@fscsi0:0.68835.1).

  • -j jobid

    When called manually, set jobid to an arbitrary value that is greater than 0

In addition, drivedumptool takes an optional argument, -f, which forces a drive dump when one is not present.


This tool does not print any messages to the screen. All logging goes to the log file drivedumptool.log in the logs directory. If this tool is run manually, please make sure that the log file drivedumptool.log is checked for any errors.


  • Logs usages of this tool:


  • Obtains drive dump from the specified device if present:

    drivedumptool -a -j 1

  • Forces a drive dump even if not present:

    drivedumptool -f -a -j 1