This tool creates a SQL account for connection to the CommServe database. The tool can also set the account user name and password in the registry so that the system can start using it.

Note: If you need to change the password for the sqladmin_cv account, use this tool to create a new SQL account and then to set the new user name and password in the registry.


  1. Stop SnapProtect services if they are running.
  2. Open the command prompt and navigate to the software_installation_directory\Base directory.
  3. Run the createCSSQLAccount tool with the following command line options:
    Option Description
    -server Instance name
    -salogin sa login
    -sapwd sa password
    -cslogin CommServe SQL login
    cspwd CommServe SQL password
    [-CreateSQLLogin] Creates the CommServe SQL login account on the SQL server. The new SQL account has a System Administrator role on the CommServe database.
    [-SetRegistry [Focus]] Creates the registry entries for the CommServe SQL login account. [Focus] should be in the format of InstanceNNN.

    The registry information under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CommVault Systems\Galaxy\InstanceXXX\Database\pACCESS is updated.


    • This command sets the registry under Instance001.

      createCSSQLAccount -server commserve\commvault -salogin sa -sapwd sa -cslogin cslogin123 -cspwd cspassword123 -SetRegistry Instance001

    • This command creates a SQL account in the CommServe database.

      createCSSQLAccount -server commserve\commvault -salogin sa -sapwd sa -cslogin cslogin123 -cspwd cspassword123 -CreateSQLLogin

  4. If the CommServe database is a cluster computer, you must run this utility on each physical node.

    On all passive nodes, choose the -SetRegistry option because creating the SQL login account is created from the active node.

  5. Start SnapProtect services.