This utility checks services for responsiveness by sending a request to the service and waiting an hour for a response. If a response is not received, the utility restarts the service. The following services are checked by the utility:

  • CommVault Communication Service [CVD]
  • ComVault Server Event Manager [EvMgrs]
  • CommVault Job Manager [JobMgr]
  • CommVault Application Manager [AppMgrSvc]
  • CommVault Media & Library Manager [MediaManager]
  • CommVault Commands Manager [QSDK]
  • CommVault Reporting Service [ReportingServer]

Logs for this utility are in the CVServiceCheck.log file.


To run the utility using the default instance, go to the <software_installation_directory>\Base folder and then double-click the CvServicesCheck.exe file.

To run the utility for a specific instance, run the utility from the command line with the -vm parameter:

CvServicesCheck.exe [-vm <InstanceName>] [-h]

CvServicesCheck.exe can be invoked from the Windows Task Scheduler.


-vm The name of the instance.
-h Displays help.


CvServicesCheck.exe -vm Instance001