This utility generates a report with media required for restore for the cycle located at that date/time for all the storage policy copies in the input file.


  1. Copy the executable to software_installation_directory\Base on the CommServe computer.
  2. From a command prompt, run the following command:

    DRListMedia [-vm <virtualMachine>]
    -i <inputFile>
    [-o <outputFile>]
    [-to <seconds | mm/dd/year hh:mm[:ss]>]


Parameter Description
-vm The virtual machine name (required on a cluster).
-i The input file, which contains a list of storage policy name(s) and storage policy copy name(s) in the format: storage policy, storage policy copy.
-o The output result file with file extension .csv (optional; default = software_installation_directory/Log Files/DRListMedia.csv).
-to The end time (optional; default = current time).


The utility generates a comma-delimited Excel file.