This utility outputs Exchange Server, Backupset, subclient and the browse time to use for the cycle based on the input mailbox.


  1. Copy the executable to software_installation_directory\Base on the CommServe computer.
  2. From a command prompt run findMailbox EXDM|EXMB -mailbox name.


Parameter Description
EXDM For all Exchange DataMigrator
EXMB For all Exchange mailboxes
-mailbox name A user name or an SMTP address


The utility generates a comma-delimited Excel file, findMailbox.csv, under software_installation_directory\log files.


  • If a subclient is not backed up, the mailboxes in this subclient will be displayed with duplicate boxes for "browse time" in the output generated. There is no such issue if the subclient has been backed up.
  • If there are multiple mailboxes with a common name or character set backed up (e.g., "CN" and "CN <different last names>"), specifying only the common name will return all backed up mailboxes with that name.