ScrubLogFiles is intended to replace words in the log files with custom-defined words. The words to be replaced and their substitutes are defined in a simple text file called a dictionary file. The format of the dictionary file is as follows:

- Snip -
- Snip -

ScrubLogFiles takes this dictionary file as input along with the input file specification and the output folder in which it is to place the modified files. For each file in the input file specification, it replaces the words defined in the dictionary file. In the example above, the word 'Independent' will be replaced by the word 'Free' and the '' IP address would be replaced by ''. The '=' character is treated as a demarker. It should not be used as part of any of the words. If it is used, then the word before the first '=' character will be searched for replacement. If the string that is being replaced is part of another word, the entire word will be replaced. For example, if you are replacing the word "base" with with a user-defined word, the term "baseball" will also be changed.


  1. Run the following command:

    ScrubLogFiles.exe -u Dictionary File -i Input File Spec -o Output Folder


    ScrubLogFiles -u dict.txt -i *.log -o c:\Output