This utility allows you to set the location and the container for given media.


Run this utility from the CommServe computer only.


  1. Copy the executable to software_installation_directory\Base.
  2. Create the input file to be referenced by the utility using the following format:



    • <tab> is a delimiter
    • Location and Container are optional.
  3. To make a field empty, either leave the field empty or replace it by "<empty>"

    If a Barcode is empty, the whole row is skipped.

  4. Run the utility using the following syntax:

    setMediaLocation [-vm virtual_machine name] [-ackVaultTracker] -filename file_name

    (ackVaultTracker option) If a VaultTracker action has the barcode and the destination matches the input location, then the barcode's state is changed to "Reached destination."

    If all barcodes in the action are "reached destination," then the whole action is ACKed.