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The following table provides a list of Restore Options uniquely supported by Agents. Note that the following table does not provide comprehensive information on all the restore options provided by each of the Agents. See also Restore/Recover/Retrieve Options - Support and Restore/Recover/Retrieve Destinations - Support for a comprehensive list.

Backup & Recovery

Other Restore Options
Active Directory

Active Directory Offline Mining

DB2 Rerun Failed DB2 Restore Jobs

Restore DB2 Databases Created in a User-defined Directory

Restore DB2 Databases with Specific Parameters Containing a Non-default Value

DB2 MultiNode  
Image Level File Level Restores

Volume Level Restores

Image Level on Unix Volume Level Restores

Restore up to a Point in Time

Restore up to a Specified Logical Log

Macintosh File System Restore to a Network Drive/NFS-Mounted File System
Microsoft Exchange Server
Database Advanced - Microsoft Exchange Database iDataAgent Restore
Mailbox Advanced - Exchange Mailbox iDataAgent Restore
Public Folder Advanced - Exchange Public Folder iDataAgent Restore
Exchange Offline Mining Tool Restore Messages to a PST File or MSG File (see Exchange Offline Mining Tool)
Microsoft SharePoint Server
SharePoint Database See Getting Started Restore - SharePoint Server iDataAgent
SharePoint Document Advanced Restore - SharePoint Server iDataAgent

Unconditional Overwrite/Skip

Restore All Versions

Microsoft SQL Server Recovering a Database

Restore SQL Server Files/File Groups

Restoring SQL Server Transaction Logs (Step Restore)

Applying Log Backups

Restoring SQL Databases to a Point in Time

Restoring SQL Server Databases to a Transaction Mark

Restoring only the Logs

Preserving Replication Settings

Restoring the Captured Changed (For SQL Server 2008 and above)

Increasing the VDI Timeout

Performing an Out-of-Place Restore

Microsoft Windows File Systems Restore ACLs Only
MySQL Restore Data to a Point in Time

Recover Data with the Database Online

NAS Supported Vendors - NAS iDataAgent
Oracle Restore and Recover a Database to a New Host with the Same Directory Structure

Restore and Recover a Database to a New Host with a Different Directory Structure

Restore and Recover Individual Datafiles/Tablespaces

Restore and Recover an Entire Database to a Previous Point-In-Time

Restore and Recover All Control Files

Duplicate Database

Standby Database


Restore Archive Log
Oracle RAC Restore Control Files from Autobackup

Duplicate Database


SAP for Oracle and MAXDB Restore Data from the SAP Command Line
Sybase Restore Data to a Point in Time

Recover Data with the Database Offline

Recover Data with the Database Online

Restoring Databases to a New Device

Restoring a Database to the Current State (Step-by-Step Restore)

Unix File Systems Maximum Filename Length for Unix File System iDataAgent Restores

Restore Unix Raw Devices (AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris)

Restore Macintosh File System Resource Fork Data

Restore Data to Trusted Solaris 10 Systems

Virtual Server  
Workstation Backup  
Recovery Director  

Archive Management

Domino Mailbox Archiver Recover a Message from a Lotus Notes Mailbox Client
Exchange Compliance Archiver Advanced Recover - Exchange Compliance Archiver Agent
Exchange Mailbox Archiver Advanced Recover - Exchange Mailbox Archiver Agent
Exchange Public Folder Archiver Advanced Recover - Exchange Public Folder Archiver Agent
File Archiver Agents (Windows, Unix) Recover ACLs
Unconditional Overwrite
Preserve Levels of Source Path
Remove Levels from Source Path
Impersonate User

Recover a File from the CommCell Console

Recover a File from a Unix Terminal Window

SharePoint Archiver Recover a Document from SharePoint Server User Interface

Recover Data from the CommCell Console

Content Indexing & Search
Search Engine  
Web Search Server  


ContinuousDataReplicator Copyback

Mount or Share Recovery Points

Restore Data from File System Backups of Recovery Points