Global Repository Cell (GRC) - Overview

Global Repository Cell (GRC) is a CommCell system, configured as a repository to monitor the metadata of the jobs from other CommCell systems, called PodCells.

You can use GRC to:

  • View available jobs for browse and restore that are on a PodCell
  • Perform cross machine restores to clients that are local to GRC or create auxiliary copies of data, if the GRC has access to the backup data
  • Push configuration data (schedule policies, subclient policies, users and user groups, alerts, and media location) from GRC to PodCells

Global Repository Cell (GRC) compared to CommCell Migration (CCM)

GRC (Global Repository Cell)

  • Used for monitoring metadata of jobs from other CommCells (PodCells)
  • Metadata transfer occurs based on recurring schedules, thus synchronizing the metadata

CCM (CommCell Migration)

  • Used for one time migrations. These can be either temporary, to restore data once, or permanent, to move a client to a different CommCell
  • Metadata transfer occurs only once during the CCM and there is no further synchronization. After importing data with CCM, certain jobs may appear as available, which have actually been pruned in the PodCell

GRC is not recommended for: