Global Repository Cell (GRC) - Prerequisites

The sections below explain the requirements that are mandatory for the GRC setup to work effectively.


The PodCell and destination CommCells must have the same version of CommServe software installed.

For more information, see Install the CommServe.


If you want to restore data from any imported client, at least one MediaAgent must be configured in the destination CommCell. For more information, see Install the MediaAgent. For more information about restoring data from imported client, refer to Restore Data from imported clients

SQL Server Version

GRC makes use of database dump files. Dump files can only be restored by versions of SQL which are on the same or higher versions. This leads to the following limitations:

  • If push-back is enabled, both PodCell and GRC MUST be on the same SQL server version
  • If push-back is not enabled, the GRC can be on a higher version than the PodCell, though it is recommended that both the GRC and the PodCell are on the same SQL Server version
  • The PodCell cannot have a more recent SQL Server version than the GRC. It must always be the same version or older

Service Pack

  • Ensure that SP5 or higher service pack is installed on the source and destination CommServe.
  • Use the same version of SnapProtect Service Pack on both source and destination CommCells.

See Updates and Service Packs - Released Service Packs for the latest Service Pack version.

User Capabilities

The CommCell user running the CommCell Registration Wizard must have the following capabilities:

  • Alert Management
  • Administrative Capability

For more information, go to User Administration and Security - Capabilities and Permitted Actions.


If the PodCell and destination CommCells are separated by a firewall, you must create the pseudo client for the PodCell in the GRC.

Adding a pseudo client for GRC is similar to installing any client in the CommCell. For GRC, in addition to installing another client you will register the PodCell as a client.

To set up the connection route between the destination and PodCell, see Firewall for instructions.

Guidelines for Scaling the GRC Setup

You can register multiple CommCells in a destination CommCell and import clients from multiple CommCells into a single destination CommCell. Consider following guidelines when you are importing clients from multiple CommCells in the destination CommCell. For comprehensive information on the below requirements, see System Requirement for CommServe.

  • You can monitor up to 5  CommCells in a destination CommCell
  • You can monitor up to 500 clients from each registered PodCell. If you have more than 500 clients to monitor, it may slow down the import and export operations.
  • You can import up to 1000 backup jobs per CommCell Import job (except for the first CommCell Import job). If you want to import more than 1000 backup jobs, you must run the CommCell Import job several times in a day and import less than 1000 backup jobs per CommCell Import job