Filer Properties (Snap Configuration) - EMC VNX / CLARiiON

Use this dialog box to specify the details of snap configuration.

Use Consistency Group

When selected, enables consistency group, which reduces the time to verify the consistency of participating disks. By default, it is enabled. To use the consistency group, you must select the snap configuration property Enable VNX Snapshots.

After taking snapshots, avoid switching between enabling and disabling the use of consistency group, because it might cause snapshots to enter the pending status, since a LUN can be part of just one consistency group. The workaround is to age the corresponding snapshot so that the array creates a new consistency group.

EMC SYMAPI Installation Home Directory Path

Specify the directory where the EMC SYMAPI library is located.   For example, set the directory to opt/emc/SYMCLI/V6.5.1 for UNIX systems and C:\Program Files\EMC\SYMCLI for Windows systems.

Remote Snap MA

Provide the client name of the MediaAgent to be designated as Remote Snap MA.

Enable VNX Snapshots

Select this option to enable VNX snapshots. By default, it is disabled.

EMC Navisphere CLI Installation home directory path

Specify directory where Navisphere CLI is located. It is required for VNX Snapshots.

Delete Restore Point Snapshot

Select this option to delete Restore Point Snapshots after successful revert. Revert from VNX Snapshots automatically creates a “Restore Point Snapshot” to recover from accidental data corruption. By default, this option is disabled.

Sync operation retry count

Specify the maximum number of times that the SYMAPI database sync retries will be attempted. By default, the value is set to 10.

Sync operation retry interval (in seconds)

Specify the time interval (in seconds) after which the next SYMAPI database sync operation will be executed.  By default, the value is set to 5 seconds.

Maximum SnapView Sessions per Lun

Specify the maximum number of SnapView sessions to be created for any LUN. The maximum limit is 8 sessions per LUN. You can specify any value between 1 and 8.

Clone Sync Rate

The greater the synchronization rate, the faster the synchronization. Modes are Intelligent (1), Low (2), Medium (3), and High (4). The default is Medium.

In Intelligent mode, the first time clone will be created with high synchronization rate. For incremental resync, set the synchronization rate to Medium.

Follow the vendor recommendation for the clone synchronization rate.

Enable physical delete of clone

Select this option to disable incremental clone operations. By default during a delete operation, we  mark the clone aged and do not delete it. When a new clone request comes for the same LUN, the aged clone is picked for an incremental sync. Enabling this option forces physical deletion of the clone during a delete operation.

Use EMC API to detect host device paths

Select this option to use EMC APIs to detect MPIO device paths. By default, the option to use EMC APIs is disabled.

Powerpath Device cleanup retry count

Specify the number of times to attempt the powerpath device cleanup. By default, this value is set to 10.

EMC Powerpath Installation Home Directory

Specify the path to the EMC powerpath installation directory. The commands executed during snap or clone operation may fail if you do not specify this path.

Path of script to sync SYMCFG (only for UNIX)

Specify the absolute path to the  script containing the sync command to sync the SYMCFG database. This option is only applicable for UNIX platforms.

Full sync during Rollback

Select this option to force a full synchronization of the SYMAPI database during rollback.  By default, this option is disabled.

Mount Retry Interval (in seconds)

Specify the time interval (in seconds) after which the next mount operation will be attempted. By default, it is set to 300 seconds.

Disable VNX Snapshot Auto-Delete

Select this option to disable VNX Snapshot Auto-Delete policy at the snapshot level.