Filer Properties (Snap Configuration) - HP EVA

General Snap Configuration Security  

Use this dialog box to specify following options for Snap configuration:

Storage Device Group

Specify the name of the hardware disk group created on the array to be used for snapshot operations.

Use Device only from this Group

Select this option to use only the snapshot devices available in the storage pool specified in Storage Device Group.

SMIS Server Port

Specify the value for array SMIS server port. By default, the value is set to 5988.

Use secure connection to SMIS Server

Select to connect to the client using secure socket layer (SSL).

Enable On-Demand snapshot allocation policy

Select this option to enable creation of on-demand allocated snapshots. When disabled, fully allocated snapshots will be created. This option is enabled by default.

Note that once an SnapProtect backup is performed for a volume, the snapshot creation will remain the same even if this option is modified. For e.g., if the option is set to creating fully allocated snapshots and an SnapProtect backup is performed, the following snapshots created for the volume will be fully allocated, even if the option is modified to creating an on-demand allocated snapshots.

Enable Multi Snap Capability (if applicable)

SnapProtect uses multisnap API through HP EVA to speed up the snapping process. Note that:

  • For demand allocated containers and snapshot creations, the array must be capable of thin provisioning.
  • Thin provision support for arrays 4400/6400/8440 with firmware version XCS 10.x requires license.