Filer Properties (Snap Configuration) - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX

General Snap Configuration Security  

Use this dialog box to specify the details of snap configuration.

Storage Device Group

Specify the name of the RAID group or Thin Provisioning group created on the array to be used for clone operations.

Use Device only from this Group

Select this option to use only the snapshot devices available in the storage pool specified in Storage Device Group.

SMIS Server Port

Specify the value for array SMIS server port. By default, the value is set to 5988.

Use secure connection to SMIS Server

Select to connect to the client using secure socket layer (SSL).

Enable Parallel Snap Operation

Select this option to enable execution of parallel snap operations. If this option is not enabled on UNIX computers, the execution of multiple snap operations at the same time will be disabled and only one operation at a time will be run.

Enable Incremental Clone

Select this option to enable incremental clone operation. When enabled, only the data changed since the last Clone operation will be written to the target device. When disabled, the clones will always be marked as full.

Mount Retry Interval (in seconds)

Specify the time interval (in seconds) after which the next mount operation will be attempted. By default, it is set to 300 seconds.

Snap Retry Interval (in seconds)

Specify the time interval (in seconds) after which snapshot creation operation will be retried. By default, the value is set to 30 seconds.

Volume Label Prefix

Specify the special label prefix to be used for target volume selection. Volumes prefixed with this special label will be selected as target irrespective of device group setting. If no such suitable target volume found, job will fail. This maximum length of label should be 10 characters.