Filer Properties (Snap Configuration) - NetApp

Use this dialog box to specify the details of snap configuration.

Mount Retry Interval (in seconds)

Specify the time interval (in seconds) after which the next mount operation will be attempted. By default, it is set to 300 seconds.

Mount Retry Count

Specify the number of retry attempts for a mount operation. By default, the value is set to 5.

Skip busy LUN check

Select this option to enable skipping the busy LUN check on the array. When enabled, a snap job will not go to pending if there is a mounted snapshot in the volume.

Snapshots created while there are busy snapshots on a volume will cause a dependency between snapshots. The newly created snapshots will be dependent on the older busy snapshots. This dependency may cause snapshot deletion failures since the older busy snapshot can not be deleted until these new snapshots are deleted. This option should only be used as a temporary setting to allow the snapshot creation jobs to complete until the snapshot_clone_dependency volume option can be applied. For more information, refer to Snap creation fails with a busy LUN error.

Initiator Group Name

Specify the name of the initiator group to be configured on the client and proxy computer to access the array.

Use Tunneling

Select this option to associate a Storage Virtual Machine with a NetApp array. When selected, all jobs that are scheduled through the array will apply to the Storage Virtual Machine, too.

To disassociate the Storage Virtual Machine from the NetApp array, clear this option. All jobs scheduled through the array will no longer run for the disassociated Storage Virtual Machine.