Filer Properties (Snap Configuration) - IBM SVC

General Snap Configuration Security  

Use this dialog box to specify the details of snap configuration.

Storage Device Group

Specify the name of the CPG group created on the array to be used for snapshot operations. If you do not specify a CPG group, the default CPG group will be used for snapshot operations.

Use Device only from this Group

Select this option to use only the snapshot devices available in the storage pool specified in Storage Device Group.

SMIS Server Port

Specify the value for array SMIS server port. By default, the value is set to 5989.

Use secure connection to SMIS Server

Select to connect to the client using secure socket layer (SSL).

Enable Thin Provisioning

Select this option to enable usage of thin provisioning volume as the destination volume even though the source volume is a standard volume. When disabled, the destination volume will need to be the same as the source volume (For e.g. standard source volume can use standard destination volume and thin provisioning volume to use thin provisioning volume as destination.)

IOGroup Name: Specify a name for IOGroup for the FlashCopy target volume. By default, the IOGroup of the source and the target volumes is the same and is presented to the host server by a single IOGroup of the cluster.

Background Copy Rate (Applicable only for FlashCopy/Clone)

Specify the copy rate value, between 1 and 100%, at which the background copy is performed.

Cleaning Rate (Applicable only for FlashCopy/Clone)

Specify the cleaning rate value, between 1 and 100%, at which the cleaning process operates.

The default value for Background Copy Rate and Cleaning Rate is 50%. Increasing this value will complete the background task faster, but will decrease throughput. For more information, refer to the IBM Knowledge Center Background Copy and Cleaning Rates article.

Enable Incremental Re-sync for FlashCopy

Enables incremental FlashCopy in order to perform re-sync operations.

Use Consistency Groups

Select this option to enable the consistency group, which will reduce the time to verify the consistency of participating disks.

Synchronous FlashCopy operation wait interval (in seconds)

Sets up the maximum waiting time for the FlashCopy preparation.