Filer Properties (Snap Configuration) - EMC VMAX / Symmetrix

General Snap Configuration Security  

Use this dialog box to specify following options for Snap configuration:

Do not map/unmap devices and use spouse device only

Select this option to restrict map/unmap operation for target device and use only paired devices as target devices.

Do not unmap devices during unmount (do only masking)

Select this option to restrict unmap during unmount operation.

Move source and target devices to chosen Host Device Group

Select this option to move the source or target device to specified host device group.

Use Dynamic LUN Addressing

Select this option to use Dynamic LUN addressing during device masking.

Use SAVE Device Pool

Specify SAVE Device Pool to be used for data of EMC TimeFinder/Snap.

Use EMC API to detect host device paths

Select this option to make use of EMC API for detecting host device paths.

Use Enginuity Consistency Assist

Select this option to use Enginuity Consistency Assist. It stalls write I/O to devices during split, clone, snap operations to guarantee that the data is write consistent.

Use Precopy for TimeFinder/Clone

Select this option to run clone with Precopy option. It will initiate data copying in the background prior to actually activating the clone session.

Use target devices from Host Device Group

Specify the Host device group from which target device needs to be selected.

Use target devices from Host Device Group of Source device

Select this option to use target devices from the device group of source device.

Host WWPNs to use for Masking

HBA WWPNs to use for mapping a snap. This is a comma separated list of ports WWNs.

Masking Views to use

VMAX Masking Views to use for mapping a snap. Specify a comma separated list of masking view names without spaces.

Remote Snap MA

Provide the client name of the MediaAgent to be designated as the remote Snap MA to enable Remote Snap MA.

Use Smart Revert

Select this option to enable instantaneous mounting of the source device while the restore copy continues in the background. The restore session will be terminated in subsequent mount, unmount, revert or delete operations for the source target device pair.