SnapProtect - SnapProtect for Open Systems - Getting Started - NetApp

As restoring your backup data is very crucial, it is recommended that you perform a restore operation immediately after your first full backup to understand the process.

If you use a proxy computer to mount a snapshot to restore SnapProtect for Open Systems (SPOS) data, make sure that the proxy and the source client computers have compatible operating systems from the same OS family. Otherwise, the restore operation will fail.

Restores will be accomplished exactly as is done for SnapProtect. During a restore, the LUN created on the destination filer which holds the source volume data is mounted onto the mount host and data is restored from the mounted LUN to the selected restore path.

The following sections explain the steps for restoring a file system. For other agents, please refer to agent specific restore page of the agent.

  1. From the CommCell Browser:
    • Navigate to Client Computers | <Client> | <Agent>.
    • Right-click the backup set and then click All Tasks | Browse and Restore.

  2. Click View Content.

  3. Select the entire dataset in the left pane. Click Recover All Selected.

    • Click OK.
  4. For options specific to restoring the agent, please refer to the agent's restore page, for example File System.
  5. You can monitor the progress of the restore job in the Job Controller.