SnapProtect - UNIX File System - Backup

Perform a Backup

Once the storage policy is configured, you are ready to perform your first backup.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Client Computers | <Client> | File System | defaultBackupSet.

    Right-click the default subclient and click Backup.

  1. Click Full as backup type and then click Immediate.

    Click OK.

  1. You can track the progress of the job from the Job Controller window of the CommCell console.

  1. Once the job is complete, view the job details from the Backup History. Right-click the Subclient and select Backup History.

  1. Click OK.

  1. You can right-click the job and view the following details:
    • Items that failed during the job
    • Details of the job
    • Events of the job
    • Log files of the job
    • Media associated with the job

What Gets Backed Up

By default, the following file system elements are backed up:

  • Files with holes
  • Files with advisory locks
  • Raw device files
  • A maximum path level of 10 symbolic links pointing to each raw device
  • Files with names containing non-ASCII characters as long as the appropriate locales are set
  • Symbolic links that are browsed or manually added to the data contents
  • Shares with Macintosh File System data
  • Files for which the file path or file name contains more than 1024 characters

What Does Not Get Backed Up

By default, the following file systems are automatically skipped during backups:

  • nfs
  • nfs3
  • nfs4
  • isofs
  • openpromfs
  • smbfs
  • devfs
  • procfs
  • nsspool
  • sysfs
  • floppy
  • lofs
  • tmpfs
  • proc
  • ctfs

Files with mandatory locks - these files are not backed up by default. See Configuring Backups For Locked Files to backup files with mandatory locks.