Storage Policy Copy - Summaries

About the Storage Policy Copy Summary

You can use the Secondary Copy Summary to:

  • Determine the amount of data written on the disk.
  • Determine the data distribution on streams.

What Secondary Copy Summary Contains


This section provides the overall information of the storage policy copy properties with or without deduplication.

  • Associated Subclients - Number of subclients associated with the storage policy copy
  • Available Jobs - Number of jobs associated with the storage policy copy
  • Block Level Deduplication - Displays the block size used for deduplication
  • Combine Streams - Specifies the number of streams that an auxiliary copy operation can be combined to
  • Dash Options -  Options to perform deduplication operations in DASH (Deduplication Accelerated by Streaming Hash) mode. In this mode, hash signatures generated for data segments are effectively used to accelerate data transfer
  • Data Written for Valid Jobs - Amount of data written for successful jobs by the storage policy copy
  • Deduplication Database Creation - Specifies the conditions to create and configure a new Deduplication database automatically
  • Deduplication Database Priming Enabled - States if DDB Priming is enabled or not
  • Do not Duplicate Against Objects - Specifies the objects that can be exempted from duplication
  • Free Space for Copy - Specifies the amount of free space available for the storage policy copy
  • Media Refresh Enabled - Specifies if Media refresh is enabled or not for the storage policy copy
  • Multiplexing enabled - Specifies if multiplexing is enabled or disabled for the for the storage policy copy. If enabled, multiple data streams of backup operations to the same media, can be run concurrently
  • Re-encryption enabled - Data re-encryption at destination is enabled or disabled for the storage policy copy
  • Retention for the copy - Specifies the retention period for the storage policy copy
  • Software Compression Enabled - Specifies if software compression is enabled or not for the storage policy copy
  • Source Copy - Name of the source copy
  • Silo Enabled - The Silo Storage options are enabled or not for the storage policy copy
  • When Partition Goes Offline - Selected action to be performed when any partition goes offline like 'Recover current deduplication database automatically'

Streams Data

This section provides detail about the number of streams, amount of application data and data written to the storage.

How to Generate the Storage Policy Copy Summary

  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies | Storage Policies | <Storage Policy>.
  2. Click the appropriate storage policy copy.

    Secondary Copy window opens in the CommCell Console.

  3. Click Summary tab available at the bottom of the window.

    You can save the summaries by selecting any one of the following file format.

    • PDF
    • HTML
    • EXCEL
    In the Export Options dialog box, enter a location and file name for the summary in the File name box, and then click OK.

    The summary is saved to the location that you specified.