Notifying the User When the Media is Exported Without Engaging the CommServe

Media can be exported either by using a Vault Tracker policy or by marking the media for export and then physically removing it. By using these methods the CommServe is aware of media movement. However, if any media is physically removed without engaging the CommServe then there is no way to track the media movement. You can configure an alert to notify users when the media is removed from the library without engaging the CommServe.


  1. From the CommCell Console, import the AlertForTapesExportedWithoutMarking alert rule.

    For more information on importing an alert, see Alerts and Notifications - Installing Alert Rules from the Software Store.

    Note: If the CommCell Console computer is not connected to the Internet, download and import AlertForTapesExportedWithoutMarking from the from a client computer with Internet access.

  2. Create an alert on the imported alert rule to send email notification when the media is removed from the library.

    For more information, see E-Mail Alerts.


An alert email notification will be triggered when the media is removed from the library without using the Vault Tracker policy or without marking it for export.