Getting Started with User Administration and Security

All users that perform functions within the CommCell must have a CommCell user account. This user account contains information about each user. A user can have a unique account, or use another account. By default, a CommCell administrator user is established during the installation of the software. The user defined as the CommCell administrator user is permanent and cannot be deleted.

Users have access to the resources and features of the CommCell based on the following:

  • CommCell user accounts
  • CommCell user groups
  • User group capabilities
  • User group object associations

Using this approach, a CommCell administrator can provide users with the exact capabilities they require. These requirements can vary, depending on the tasks each user needs to perform. A CommCell administrator can also control the CommCell objects that a user can view, by controlling the CommCell objects that a user's member user group has an association with.

A user will be able to perform functions within the CommCell after the following steps are completed:

  1. Create a user account.
  2. Create a user group.
  3. Assign the View capability to the user group.
  4. Make the user a member of the user group you created.
  5. Associate a CommCell object to a user group.