The Version tab of CommServe, MediaAgent, Client and/or Agent Properties dialog box displays the software version information associated with a CommCell component. This tab also includes the following information:
  • Post-release Service Packs - Information on the post release updates / service packs installed in the computer
  • Additional Updates - Any updates that were created and applied after the most recent Service Pack installed on the computer and are therefore not included in this service pack.
  • Update Status - Lists the software components installed along with the list of updates associated with the component and information on whether the updates are up to date.
  • Update Information - Lists the Cache Source information for the client computer.

In addition the Version tab also includes the option to specify whether the automatic update packages must be stored on the local computer before they are installed, or must be installed directly from the shared directory configured in the CommServe for updates.

The path to the local install folder is also displayed.