Workflow Configuration - Configure the Workflow Window Settings

The Workflow editor window provides the ability to configure the layout of the workflow design area, as well as other settings that are useful during the workflow design. These settings can be accessed by clicking Settings from the toolbar of your <Workflow> window.

The following options are available for selection:

  • Show Grid

    Turn on grids in the workflow design area.

  • Show Ruler

    Turn on the built-in metric ruler in the workflow design area. The metric ruler, which will appear horizontally and vertically, measures in centimeters (cm).

  • Automatically connect newly added activity to the last activity

    Allows recently created custom activities to appear in the left pane right after the last activity in the list.

  • Show deployment indicator message

    Displays the popup message which indicates that the Workflow is undergoing deployment.

  • Automatically assign activity inputs on connect

    Automatically assigns inputs for an activity recently added to the flow using the output of the previous activity (in other words, assigning the output of the last activity to a newly connected activity). The activity input can also be turned into a workflow input or variable.

  • Automatically deploy workflow on save

    Automatically deploys the Workflow or asks to deploy after saving.

  • Reset Layout

    Reset the Workflow editor window to the default settings.