Predefined Workflow - Client Group Policy

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The Demo - Client Group Policy workflow is a predefined workflow which allows you to change the storage policy of all default File System subclients that belong to a specific client computer group.

This workflow can be manually executed from the CommCell Console and used in many scenarios. For example, you may have a client group composed of File System and Database subclients using a non-deduplication storage policy. Deduplication-based storage policies are recommended for file system subclients. Therefore, you can use this workflow to change the storage policy of all File System subclients to use a deduplication policy, which will help reduce the amount of storage and data transfer during backups.

How does it work?

This predefined workflow automates the following operations:

  1. Retrieves the clients from a specified client group.
  2. Modifies the default subclient properties for every fetched client by assigning a specified storage policy.
  3. When the subclients are successfully updated, the workflow sends an email to the user that executed the workflow.

    For the subclients that failed to be updated, it displays the list of clients (whose subclients failed to update) in the CommCell Console.

Executing the Workflow

  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Workflows.
  2. Right-click Demo - Client Group Policy and then click All Tasks > Execute.
  3. Select the workflow engine from the Run workflow on list and enter the value of the following variables in the Value column.
    • For the clientGroup input, select the client group that contains the file system subclients you want to modify.
    • For the storagePolicy input, select the storage policy that you want to associate to the default subclients.
  4. Click OK.

    You can track the progress of the workflow job from the Job Controller.

Once the workflow completes, you will receive an email indicating that the workflow was successful. You can also navigate to the client group and verify that all default file system subclients were updated with the new storage policy.