SAML User Registration Workflow

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SAML User Registration is a predefined workflow used to create a CommCell user for use with SAML. For information on the setup needed for SAML, see External Authentication with SAML Integration (SSO) - Web Console.

Download this workflow from the Software Store. See Download Workflows from Software Store.

This workflow can be manually executed from the CommCell Console.

How does it work?

This predefined workflow automates these operations:

  1. Checks the user email address entered into the workflow to see if a user account exists with that email address.
    • If a user account with the entered email address exists, the workflow stops.
  2. Sends an email to the user stating that the registration request was received and is waiting for approval.
  3. Sends an email to members of the master user group asking them to approve or deny the user.
    • The person approving the user selects the user group to be used when the user account is created.
  4. If the registration is approved, creates the user account and sends an approval email to members of the master user group and the user.
  5. If the registration is denied, sends the user a rejection email.

Customizing Emails

The emails associated with this workflow are preconfigured in the activities, but the activities can be modified. For example, the email subject or message can be changed. The following activities contain emails:

  • Request received email
  • Get Administrator Approval
  • Send Rejection Mail
  • Auto Email to Admin
  • Final email to SAML User

For instructions on updating activities, see Workflow Activities - Access and Configure Activities.

Executing the Workflow

  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Workflows.
  2. Right-click SAML User Registration and then click All Tasks > Execute.
  3. From the Run workflow on list, select the workflow engine and enter values for the following variables:
    • In the User Email box, type the email address for the new SAML user.
    • In the Full Name box, type the full name of the new SAML user.
    • In the userName box, type a dummy user name. The dummy name is required to create the new SAML user, but once the user is created, the dummy name is replaced with the user email address.
  4. Click OK.

    You can track the progress of the workflow job from the Job Controller.