Workflow Deployment - Install the Workflow Engine on the CommServe Computer

By default, the Workflow Engine is automatically installed along with the CommServe software. However, the engine might not be installed on the CommServe computer for the following reasons:

  • The Workflow Engine was not selected during a custom installation of the CommServe.
  • The CommServe was upgraded from a previous software version, and during the upgrade, the engine was not automatically installed; it needs to be installed manually.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure that this computer has direct connectivity to the CommServe computer as it requires access to the database. There should be no firewall configured between this computer and the CommServe computer.
  • Verify that the computer in which you wish to install the software satisfies the minimum requirements specified in System Requirements.


Note: You can also use this procedure on a computer where the SQL Server database is already installed.

Use this procedure to install the engine on the CommServe computer.

  1. Log on to the client computer as an Administrator or as a member of the Administrator group on that computer.
  2. Run SetupAll.exe from the installation package that was created using the Download Manager.
  3. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement.

    Click Next.

  4. Click Custom.

    Click Next.

  5. Click Select components to install on this computer and click Next.

  6. Expand Server Modules and select Workflow.
  7. Click Install.

    The Summary on your screen should reflect the components you selected for install, and may look different from the example shown.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Click Yes on the installation warning dialog box that is displayed.
  10. Specify the SQL Server System Administrator password.

    Click Next.

  11. Select Add programs to the Windows Firewall Exclusion List, to add CommCell programs and services to the Windows Firewall Exclusion List.

    Click Next.

    This option enables CommCell operations across Windows firewall by adding CommCell programs and services to Windows firewall exclusion list.

    It is recommended to select this option even if Windows firewall is disabled. This will allow the CommCell programs and services to function if the Windows firewall is enabled at a later time.

  12. Verify the path to the SQL Server database files.

    Click Browse to change the default location.

    Click Next.

    • Ensure that the drive has at least 1GB of free space.
    • Do not specify a mapped network drive or a FAT drive.
    • Do not save the database files to a compressed drive.

  13. Click Finish.

    This screen will reflect the components you selected for install, and may look different from the example shown.