WORM Media - Configuration

Configure a Library to Use WORM Media

Libraries with WORM Media can be configured using any of the tape library configurations.

After you configure the library, configure and manage WORM media in the library.

  1. Disable the option to discover media from the library automatically.
    • During the library configuration, disable the automatic media discovery by clicking No in the Discover Media Options dialog box.

    • If the library is already configured to discover media automatically, clear Enable Auto-Discovery of media into default scratch pool on the Media Usage tab of the Library Properties dialog box.
  2. From the CommCell Console, create new scratch pools for the WORM media.

    See Creating New Scratch Pools for information about how to create new scratch pools.

  3. Manually discover the WORM media.

    See Discover a Specific Media Within a Library for information about how to discover the media.

    Ensure that all the media is moved to the scratch pool created for WORM media.

  4. Create new Storage Policies or reassociate existing Storage Policies to use the appropriate scratch pools.
  5. Assign appropriate subclients to these Storage Policies.

Enable or Disable Automatic Detection of WORM Media

  1. From the CommCell Browser, click the MediaAgents icon.

    All of the MediaAgents that are available in the CommCell appear in the right-pane of the CommCell Browser.

  2. Right-click the appropriate MediaAgent, and then click Properties.
  3. Click the Control tab.
  4. Click and choose the Automatically detect WORM Tape Media option to enable automatic detection. (Clear the option to disable it.)
  5. Click OK to save the configuration.