Supported Vendors - NAS iDataAgent

System Requirements Supported Features Supported Vendors License Requirements  

The following table lists NAS features and any exceptions per vendor.

Feature BlueArc DELL EMC Celerra EMC VNX/VNXe Hitachi Isilon NetApp Stratus Sun
Libraries and Pools

NAS-Attached Libraries


NAS-Attached Drive Pools


Back up from Snapshot


Fast Incremental


Back up Quotas


Backup up Offline Data


Volume Based Back Up


Exclusive Back Up


Block Back Up


Readahead Processes


Snapshot to Backup


Snapshot Expiration


Browse from Copies

Browse the Latest Data

Exclude Data Before

Image Browse


No Image Browse


Page Size

Specify Browse Path

Specify Browse Time

Use MediaAgent


Direct Access Restore

3 4



Two-Way Restore


Three-Way Restore

Recursive Restore


Exclusive Restore


File System Restore


Restore User and Group Quotas


Restore Enable 8.3 Names


Restore Subtree Quotas


Restore Qtree Configuration and Usage


Subclient Content

1 Supported for Hitachi 06-0x Operating Systems (or greater)

2 Supported for Isilon versions between but not including and, and above, but not including

3 EMC Celerra enhanced Direct Access restore of a directory (DDAR) is supported on DARTOS 5.5 and later. Prior to DARTOS 5.5, direct access restore of a directory was supported but not the enhanced version.

4 Direct Access restore of a directory (DDAR) is supported for Isilon OneFS 7.0 and later.