Register a CommCell

Registering a Remote CommCell Using the CommCell Console

You can manage one or more remote CommServe computers from your CommCell. If you need to manage the properties of a remote CommServe computer, you can register it as a client in your current CommCell.

Use the following steps to register a remote CommCell using the CommCell Console:

  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click the <CommServe> node and then click All Tasks | CommCell Registration.

    Click Add CommCell.

  2. Specify the following details for the remote CommCell:
    • In the User Name and Password boxes, type the credentials of the user account that has administrative rights to access the remote CommCell.
    • In the CommCell Host Name box, type the host name of the remote CommCell computer.
    • Click OK.

  3. Click OK to the success popup.

  4. The remote CommCell is displayed in the list of registered CommCells.

    Click OK to close the CommCell Registration dialog box.

  5. The remote CommCell computer is displayed as deconfigured under Client Computers and Client Computer Groups.

    You can reconfigure the remote computer by right-clicking the client, and then clicking All Tasks | Reconfigure.