SnapProtect - SnapProtect Data Replicator - Exchange Database Agent



  • The use of SnapProtect Data Replicator with the SnapProtect backup requires MediaAgent, File System iDataAgent, and ContinuousDataReplicator on the source, destination, and proxy computers.

    The use of a proxy server to perform SnapProtect operations is supported when a hardware storage array is used for performing the SnapProtect backup.

  • The operating system of the MediaAgent to be used for SnapProtect backup must be either the same or higher version than the source computer.

Storage Policy Requirements

The Primary Snap Copy to be used for creating the snapshot copy must be a disk library.

If the Storage Policy or the disk library being used by the subclient is updated, the subclient should be recreated.

Set Up the Array

  1. From the CommCell Console, navigate to <Client> | <Agent>.

    Right-click the subclient and click Properties. The Subclient Properties dialog box appears.

  2. Click the SnapProtect Operations tab.

    Select  SnapProtect Data Replicator is selected from the Available Snap Engine drop-down list.

    Click OK.