Restore - Exchange Public Folder iDataAgent

Perform a Restore

We recommend that you perform a restore operation immediately after your first full backup to understand the process. The following section explains how to restore a copy of a Public Folder.

  1. Open CommCell Console
    • From the CommCell Console, navigate to Client Computers | <Client> | Exchange Public Folder.
    • Right-click the default backup set and then click All Tasks | Browse and Restore.

  2. Click View Content.

  3. Select the Public Folder and click Recover All Selected.

  4. In Restore options dialog box:
    • Select the name of a client computer from the Destination Client list.
    • Click Append.

  5. Select Immediate from the Job Initiation tab and click OK.

  6. You can monitor the progress of the restore job in the Job Controller of the CommCell Console.

  7. Once the restore job has completed, right-click the agent and click View | Restore History.

  8. Click OK.

  9. You can view the following details about the job by right-clicking the job:
    • View Restore Items

      You can view them as Successful, Failed, Skipped or All.

    • View Job Details
    • View Paths
    • View Events of the restore job.
    • View Log files of the restore job.
  10. On the destination client computer, start Outlook.
    • Click All Public Folders.
    • View the restored Public Folder and appended messages.