IBM i File System Agent Subclient Properties (Advanced Options)

Number of Data Readers

Specify the number of simultaneous backup data streams allowed for this subclient. For best performance, do not set this higher than the number of physical drives that hold the subclient data, except for specialized hardware such as RAID.

Allow multiple data readers within a drive or mount point

Specify whether multiple data reads are allowed for a single UNIX mount point during backups on this subclient. Select this option only for specialized hardware such as RAID, or possibly in the case of spanned volumes.

Target release for backup data

Specify the Operating System version that runs on the restore destination when it is different than the source client.

 The format is as follows:



V - The operating system version

R - The operating system release

M - The operating system modification level


Use the following to specify Version6, Release 1, Modification 0.


The valid values for this parameter change in every new release.

Backup library objects

Select each check box to include the objects in the backup.

Note: These are only applicable for a library file system.

  • Save file data(SAVFDATA)

    Save the file contents and file description.

  • Spooled file data(SPLFDATA)

    Save the output queue and all the spooled file data on the output queue.

  • Queue data (QDATA)

    Save the queue contents and queue description.

  • Private authority(PVTAUT)

    Save the private authority of all saved objects.