Enabling Data Cataloging for Reports - UNIX/Linux File Systems

About this Task

You can create reports from data cataloged during a full backup job, or configure the File Level Analytics Report to display some of the cataloged data. In order to create or view reports, you must enable data cataloging on UNIX/Linux File Systems. Reports can be generated from the data cataloged during a backup job. After the backup job runs, the cataloged data is stored.

Data cataloging is supported for AIX, HP-UX, Linux and Solaris File System iDataAgents

Before You Begin

The File System Advanced agent must be installed on the client in order for the data cataloging option to appear. The data cataloging option does not appear on clients that are installed only with File System Core.


To enable collection of file and system data:
  1. From the CommCell Browser, locate the correct client computer node, and right-click the subclient for which you want to catalog file and system attributes, and then click Properties.
  2. Click the Advanced Options tab.
  3. Click Catalog additional file and system attributes.
  4. Click OK to save your settings.

What to Do Next

Run a full backup job to collect data for reports. For instructions, see Full Backup.

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