Backup - Notes Database iDataAgent

Deployment - Windows Deployment - Unix Configuration Backup Restore

Follow the steps given below to perform the first backup:

  1. From the CommCell Console navigate to Client Computers | <Client> | Notes Database | <Partition>

    In the right-pane, right-click the <Subclient> and click Backup.

    Databases that are not assigned to any user-defined subclient, are automatically backed up using the default subclient.

  2. Click Full as backup type and then click Immediate.

    Click OK.

  3. You can track the progress of the job from the Job Controller window of the CommCell console.

  4. Once the job is complete, view the job details from the Backup History. Right-click the Subclient and select Backup History.

  5. Click OK.

  6. In the Backup History tab, right-click the backup job to view the following job details:
    • Items that failed during the job
    • Items that succeeded during the job
    • Details of the job
    • Events of the job
    • Log files of the job
    • Media associated with the job

What Gets Backed Up

  • Notes Databases generated on File Allocation Table (FAT) file systems
  • Notes Databases generated on New Technology file systems (NTFS)
  • All Domino transaction logs
  • All Notes databases and templates (.nsf and .ntf), logged and non-logged, visible to the IBM Domino

What Does Not Get Backed Up

Backup for all other data types not mentioned in the above list are not supported, including:
  • Shared mail databases
  • Databases on remote computers
  • Database full text indexes
  • Non-database files (for example, exe, dll, ini, dir, dsk, id, box)
  • Notes data stored on IBM Notes computers

Use Windows File System iDataAgent to backup Notes Data on the IBM Notes computer.