SnapProtect - Backup - Notes Database iDataAgent

After configuring SnapProtect, ensure that your configuration adhere to the following prerequisites:

  • Only a single volume for Notes Database is being used. Mount Points in the same volume will not be backed up.
  • Disable Transaction Log backup.
  • Ensure that the IBM Domino is running.

Follow the steps given below to run your first full backup:

  1. From the CommCell Console, navigate to Client Computers | Notes Database | Instance.

    Right-click the Subclient and click Backup.

  2. Select Full as backup type and Immediate to run the job immediately.

    Click OK.

  3. You can track the progress of the job from the Job Controller window of the CommCell console.

  4. Once job is complete, view the details of job from the Backup History.

    Right-click the Subclient and select Backup History.

  5. Click OK.

  6. You can view the following details about the job by right-clicking the job:
    • Items that failed during the job
    • Items that succeeded during the job
    • Details of the job
    • Events of the job
    • Log files of the job
    • Media associated with the job