License Requirements - MediaAgent

By default, the agent is installed using an Evaluation license. Once the evaluation period is complete, you need to obtain a permanent license from your Software Provider.

You can choose to use one of the following licensing mechanisms:

  • Traditional License, based upon products and features in your CommCell.
  • Capacity License, based on the amount of data you want to protect.

Traditional License

The following license types are available for MediaAgent. You need to obtain the appropriate licenses based on your environment.

Agent or Component License Type
MediaAgent for Microsoft Windows MediaAgents
MediaAgent for IBM AIX MediaAgents
MediaAgent for Hewlett Packard HP-UX MediaAgents
MediaAgent for Linux MediaAgents
MediaAgent for Sun Solaris MediaAgents

For clustered environments, you must have the following license for each physical and virtual node where the MediaAgent is installed. If you do not plan to use the MediaAgent on the physical nodes, install the MediaAgent as a Restore Only Agent, which does not consume a license.

MediaAgent (Windows or UNIX) MediaAgents

Capacity License

If you plan to use capacity licenses, you must obtain the following license:

License Type License Consumption
Data Protection Enterprise infrastructure 1 license per CommCell for n Terabytes (TB) of protected data